Hong Kong Beach Hat 2013

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HK Beach Hat - Payment reminder and Dinner order 14 Aug 02:34

Dear participants,
Thank you for joining us at the 2013 HK Beach Hat Tournament. By popular demand, we have increased the capacity to 120 players. We now have 117 players and counting!

1) Registration Fees We would like to remind you to pay the registration fees to confirm your place. If you do not pay soon, you will risk losing your spot to short-listed participants. An additional late charge of $20 will apply after midnight of 20th August (Tuesday)

Player Fee:
$160 for HKUPA members, $180 for non-members

Payment Methods:
1) Bank Transfer to HSBC Hong Kong.
Beneficiary: Hong Kong Ultimate Players Association, account number: 809-499338-001.
(Please forward your payment slip to kingilaulau@gmail.com. Overseas surcharges may apply)
2) Cash to Nick Tsao (tournament director), Kingi Lau (treasurer) or Wilkie Chu (membership director) At other HKUPA weekly events (see calendar at www.hkupa.com)
3) Paypal via hattournaments .com(+$12 service charge)

2) Afterparty – Advance Meal Order It would REALLY help us out if you could fill out the following short survey about the afterparty at Carmaba Mexican restaurant. We have an exclusive buy-1-get-1 free deal on main courses that night! (See attached menu) If you plan on having dinner during the party, please place your food orders now in the survey to get priority service on the night. The kitchen will be very busy serving all of us!


There is also a discount on the night for Mojito Pitchers ($220) and Margarita Pitchers ($250) (+10% service charge. Each pitcher fills 5 glasses)

In addition, anyone who spends more than $100 at dinner will receive a free ferry ticket back to Central (originally $37 before midnight, $52.7 after midnight)!
Terms and Conditions apply: http://www.ddeck.com.hk/icms2/template?series=286&article=4329



我們想提醒大家需要盡快付款來確定位置。否則有可能被短名單中的球員取代。 8月20日(星期二)傍晚以後付款的參加者會額外被收多$20逾期費用。

參與費用: $160 香港飛盤總會會員 或 $180非會員


Hong Kong Ultimate Players Association, 银行戶口
: 809-499338-001

Nick Tsao (賽事總監), Kingi Lau (財務秘書),Wilkie Chu (會籍理事)

hattournaments.com 用Paypal (+$12 手續費)

- 預訂晚餐

請幫忙填充以下關於賽後派對的問卷活動將會在的Caramba墨西哥餐廳舉行,我們安排了各款主菜買一送一的獨家優惠。 (請參考電郵附件的詳細餐單)如有興趣在派對中吃晚飯 ,請在問卷中選擇你的主菜等當晚可以享受優先服務。廚房會很忙!


當晚也有飲品折扣:大瓶 Mojito($220)與 大瓶Margarita($250)

此外,每人消費多於$100就可獲得免費往中環船票一張(原價半夜前$37, 半夜後$52.7)!
優惠條款及細則:  http://www.ddeck.com.hk/icms2/template?series=287&article=4442

Nick Tsao 曹晉愷
Tournament Director 賽事總監