Hong Kong Beach Hat 2012

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The Clam is half empty (or half full?) 29 Aug 03:08

Hello everyone,

so far 50% of the spots have been paid for (or pinky sworn)! To see if your pinky swear has been accepted and accounted for, just log in and you should see that "You have paid" even if you haven't (that is the power of the Clam, imagine its vengeance if the promise is not fulfilled!).

Today is your last chance to confirm your spot if you're not in the waiting list, so get that credit card of yours out of your wallet and click on that "pay fees" button before it's too late! It really takes 2 minutes and you don't need to have an existing Paypal account to pay, no extra fees, just do it.

Tomorrow at 9am payments open for everyone until we reach max capacity.

"These aren't the clams you're looking for."
(Obi-wan smuggling clams)