Hong Kong Beach Hat 2012

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It's getting bigger 27 Aug 03:56

The tournament. Originally we had set our limit to 60 people and after we hit 90 registrations, we decided to go check if we have space for another field. So yesterday we went to Pui O and yes, we are going to have 4 fields to accommodate 8 teams of 10 people! If you were in the first 20 spots of the waiting list (from 61st to 80th) you should have received an email saying you have been promoted and you should now be able to pay your tournament fees.

At this time we have 101 registered, so still 21 players in the waiting list. What I'm gonna do is give registered players (1st to 80th, ie people not in the waiting list) time until Thursday 9am to either:
  • Pay their discounted fees (180$) via Credit Card / Paypal. Do it now!
  • Pay their regular fees (200$) in cash to me on Tuesday at pick up (for HK people)
  • Confirm and pinky swear to me via email that they will absolutely show up and pay their regular fees (for SZ, GZ, non-HK people without a credit card or anybody with an extremely good reason)
On Thursday morning I will then open up payments on the website to people in the waiting list (81st and beyond). So if you are on the waiting list you will most likely have a chance to get in!

In other words:

Registered players (1st to 80th)
Unless you take one of the 3 actions above before Thursday you may lose your spot.

People in the waiting list (81st and beyond)
Stay tuned and be ready to claim remaining spots on Thursday.

I hope this way is fair for everyone and if you have any problems with the process, please speak up.

More announcements about Saturday Camping/BBQ organization will come later this week.

"That's no Clam, it's a space station"
(Obi-wan's first time clam digging in Pui O)