Hong Kong Beach Hat 2012

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2 weeks to go... 22 Aug 03:09

...time to get your beach body ready!

As the date of the tournament approaches, here is a couple of things that should give you an idea about how the tournament is going to happen:

Even though the games will start on Sunday, you are very welcome to come out to Pui O on Saturday and camp there overnight. During the afternoon, depending on the amount of people who show up, we might have some pick-up or just some tossing around in the water. Around 6pm we'll start the BBQ: we have multiple grills so please show off your cooking skills! With beer flowing and night games it's not hard to predict it will be a night to remember. To help us organize better please make sure you check "Yes" in the camping poll if you haven't already (http://hkbeach.hattournaments.com/2012#decisions).

Games will start at 9am sharp. Please be on time! Breakfast will be provided for those who are hungry or hangover. Each team will have 3 games in the morning to define seeding and elimination games in the afternoon, so regardless of your result in the first part of the day you'll have a chance to win the tournament. Lunch will be provided by and served at OhLaLa, water and beer will be available at all times during the day.

We need more captains! Would you please step up and unleash the leader in you? Check that "Yes" in the captains tab (http://hkbeach.hattournaments.com/2012#captains) you know you want it...

Fee Payment
Fee is confirmed at $200 if you pay cash on the day of the tournament, but we're now offering an early bird 10% discount if you pay via paypal or credit card. Find the link on the main tournament page on the top left (http://hkbeach.hattournaments.com/2012).

Sponsors & Prizes
We are very happy to announce that X-Com and San Miguel are supporting HK Beach Hat 2012. X-Com will be providing prizes for Champions, Runner-Ups and MVPs in the form of great ultimate gear (read more here: http://www.xcomsports.com/). San Miguel will sponsor the liquid fuel that will helps us play better ultimate.

Not coming anymore?
If you changed your mind, something else came up for the weekend or for any other reason you can't make it, please unregister from the tournament. The link can be found by hovering the box on the top left on the tournament website.

That's all, beautiful people. If you have comments and questions speak up using the comment form (follow the link to the website to find it) or just email me directly.

Ultimate is for everyone!