Hong Kong Beach Hat 2012

Your favorite hat is back!

General Info

We are still ironing out the details but you can start planning your trip:
  • date is set to Sunday September 2
  • Fee: HK$ 200 at the door, 10% early bird discount with credit card or paypal. Includes cold beer, water, breakfast, lunch.
  • beach will be Pui O, the same as last year
  • BBQ, night games and other entertainment forms will be organized for Saturday night.


  • Instead of flipping the disc, there will be a throw-off (5 mins before game time)
    • One person from each team stands inside the same end-zone
    • They each make a throw (any type) at the same time
    • Once the discs stop, the closest to the front end-zone line without going over or out of bounds, wins the throw off
    • If both go over, whoever is closest to the front end-zone wins the throw off
  • All pulls must be inverted (over 90 degree angle). Teams may request a re-Pull if it is not
  • Trick catch on the pull is not a turn-over
  • 2 pt bomb: a score with thrower's pivot foot on goal line or inside defending end-zone is worth 2 points
  • If a foot goes under the line and does not drag line before catching disc, the catch is good.
  • Games will be 40 mins with a hard cap at 13 points (i.e. at the end of 40 mins, finish the point and if it is tied when the point is finished, play one more point)
  • There will be no halftime and each team has 1 time out (2 mins) per game.


This is just the first round schedule so you know which field to go to if you're late on Sunday morning. After that is swiss draw format! Quarters in the afternoon start at 2pm.

Be on the field at 9am!

Field 1 -->  Bearded vs Giant
Field 2 -->  Hard vs Asian
Field 3 -->  Propeller vs Razor
Field 4 -->  Gem vs Pizmo

Getting There

Getting to Pui O can be done by:
  • Ferry from central to Mui Wo and a quick taxi ride. Timetable can be found here http://www.nwff.com.hk/eng/fare_table/central-mui_wo/. The 8am fast-ferry is your latest option if you wanna make it in time for your first game.
  • Bus 3M from Tung Chung. The ride takes about 20-25minutes.


Camping overnight is an encouraged option. Unlike past editions this year we will have our own dedicated campsite provided by oh la la, with our own BBQs. So if you're planning a weekend trip meet us on the beach on Saturday and join the party! If you wanna camp but you need a tent you can rent one for 2 people from OhLaLa for $300, get in touch with us and we'll help you out.


  • Gio (TD) giovanni.lion@gmail.com
  • Neil (Activity Director) neil@spi.hk

Expectations are overrated 31 Aug 07:42

Friday afternoon, here we are!

As the staff is finalizing the plan for tomorrow, here's a couple of final details for you:

In case you didn't notice, the teams are out! As you log in you should now see a new tab appeared called "My team" where you can check out who will be playing by your side...

The time is over! 30 Aug 01:13

There are still 29 spots left and payments are now open to everyone, regardless of their waiting list status. At this stage remaining spots will be given to whoever pays (or pinky swears) first.

"This will be a day long remembered. It has seen the end of Kenobi, it will soon see the end of the...

The Clam is half empty (or half full?) 29 Aug 03:08

Hello everyone,

so far 50% of the spots have been paid for (or pinky sworn)! To see if your pinky swear has been accepted and accounted for, just log in and you should see that "You have paid" even if you haven't (that is the power of the Clam, imagine its vengeance if the promise is not...

It's getting bigger 27 Aug 03:56

The tournament. Originally we had set our limit to 60 people and after we hit 90 registrations, we decided to go check if we have space for another field. So yesterday we went to Pui O and yes, we are going to have 4 fields to accommodate 8 teams of 10 people! If you were in the first 20 spots of...

Sunday start at 9am 22 Aug 03:38

Sunday games start at 9am not 9pm.

Sorry for the confusion!

2 weeks to go... 22 Aug 03:09

...time to get your beach body ready!

As the date of the tournament approaches, here is a couple of things that should give you an idea about how the tournament is going to happen:

Even though the games will start on Sunday, you are very welcome to come out to Pui O on Saturday and...
Participants in gray rows are in the waiting list.
Name Gender
1. Gio (Giovanni Lion) M
2. Yuklear weapon (Yuki Choi) F
3. Julia (Julia Yung) F
4. President Razor (Neil Gysel) M
5. Tommy (Tommy Fung) M
6. Wilkinson (Wilkie Chu) M
7. Roaddoodoo (Ruth Chen) F
8. Greenbow (Samuel Chu) M
9. Rissa (Rissa Ong) F
10. Charlotte (Charlotte Poon) F
11. Carlo (Carlos Ieong) M
12. Old Master Q (Conor Quigley) M
13. Pork Buns (David Learn) M
14. Nickie (Nickie Wong) F
15. wingLee (Siu Nam wingbbg Lee) M
16. Kevin Ho (Kevin Ho) M
17. y!ng (Michael Ying) M
18. David (David Bruns) M
19. Jeff (Jeff Bussel) M
20. Kahu (Kirk Kahu) M
21. Anton (Antonin Delcamp) M
22. Lu (Luisa Zhou) F
23. Borat (Sam Axelrod) M
24. TimO (Tim O'Rourke) M
25. Gene Sin (gene sin) M
26. Super Hsu (Super Hsu) M
27. Butterfly (Katania Y.Mao) F
28. Raymond (Raymond Lv) M
29. Sharon Wong (Sharon Wong) F
30. Doona (Doona Gee) F
31. Jakjak (Jak Lau) M
32. Joel (Joel White) M
33. cary (Cary wang) M
34. Vince/陈聪 (聪 陈) M
35. Wanda (Wanda Yuen) F
36. Sung Hin (Sung Chan) M
37. Lin (Linzee Lin) F
38. Xie (yuhui Xie) M
39. Milky (Jonathan Linstow) M
40. Roco (Robin Connelley) F
41. John (John Stanton) M
42. Bumblebuzz (Felix Lam) M
43. Karen Mok (Karen Mok) F
44. Nick (Nicholas Towner) M
45. Jackie Fan (Jackie Fan) F
46. sheboogie (Shevaun Gallwey) F
47. BDN (Nick Tsao) M
48. Sam (Samuel Huggins) M
49. ham (Amy Ng) F
50. Ed (Ed Lee) M
51. Jeffy (Jeff Shui) M
52. El Chino (Roberto Rojas) M
53. Cal (Cal Lee) M
54. Kimchiiiii Kingi (Kingi Lau) F
55. Janice (Janice Lee) F
56. Apple's Husband (Alex Chapman) M
57. Tom Jones (Tom Jones) M
58. Sunny (Sunny Todd) M
59. Janana (Jana Evans) F
60. Joyce (Joyce Ong) F
61. Fong (Ballet Bee) M
62. PIPI (Lam-PiPi Po) M
63. Kelvin (Meng Lo) M
64. Keith (Keith Lo) M
65. Mike (Mike Wong) M
66. Deepers (Sandeep Bhogal) F
67. Ben (Benson Choi) M
68. Jason (Jason Un) M
69. Mitch (Michel Tremblay) M
70. JAMES LEE (Lee James) M
71. emily (Emily Wong) F
72. Lincoln Cheung (Lincoln Cheung) M
73. Apple (Apple Tong) F
74. Edwin (Edwin Ieong) M
75. Tanis (Tanis Herriot) F
76. Zoe (Zoe Ran) F
77. Hannah.Ma (hannah Ma) F
78. charles.Zheng (zheng charles) M
79. JP (John Pelcak) M
80. Bill Byrne (Bill Byrne) M
81. Costa (Deiby Mendez) M
82. Belka (Alexej Belakowski) M
83. Big Kim (Kim Alexandersen) M
84. Shirl The Girl (Shirley J Cheung) F
85. Beeeee (Beeeee D) M
86. YAM JAMS (Jessica Yam) F
87. lilyshenzhen (lily lee) F
88. Jennyshezhen (Jenny wang) F
89. V (Verena Henn) F
90. Tammy (tammy Ansell) F
91. Tuan (Tuan Phan) M
92. James (James Jenkins) M
93. Ali (Ali Thompson) F
94. jake (Jake Ulick) M
95. Oobie doob Badoobie (Vincent Liu) M
96. KP (Korbinian Peters) M
97. chocolate (xiaodan Zhu) F
98. Maggie (Maggie Atienza) F
99. yomiko (yomiko wu) F